Practice Areas

Corporate Structure, Corporate Finance and Governance
FeldbergPacific combines legal counseling and extensive industry knowledge to help companies grow and succeed. We provide emerging companies and foreign subsidiaries of European and Asian parents with focused legal advice from incorporation through its maturity, merger and beyond and to ensure the entire business gets off to a right start in the U.S. We advise clients on private equity issues relevant for an emerging growth company.

Employment Matters and Stock Option Plans
FeldbergPacific advises on general employment matters and the creation and implementation of employee option and stock purchase programs designed for U.S. and international corporations.

Mergers & Acquisitions
FeldbergPacific counsels on the entire range of small to midsize merger and acquisition transactions involving U.S., European, European and Japanese technology and growth businesses at all stages of development.

Licensing, OEM, Development, Support and Maintenance, Distribution Agreements

FeldbergPacific has negotiated countless business collaborations such as joint ventures, co-development transactions, licensing, OEM, reseller and distribution agreements, which benefit and place our clients in optimal positions to succeed in today’s global markets. FeldbergPacific adds value not only in drafting and negotiating the agreements, but also in counseling on the prevailing business terms in the respective industry.

Open Source Software Advice

Achim Hoelzle has represented and counseled SuSE Linux AG, one the world’s largest distributors of open source software, on numerous matters, transactions and legal issues associated with and unique to open source software transactions. In addition, he advises software developers on how to approach open source software in order to minimize the risks to their own proprietary rights and how to handle such software in a commercial redistribution and development environment.

International Transactions

Being admitted both in Germany and California, Achim Hoelzle is ideally positioned to assist in cross border transactions between the U.S. and Germany. Achim has experience in European antitrust matters that often apply to such cross border tranactions in particular to license, distribution and sales agency agreements. His admission and practical deal experience as a lawyer on both sides of the Atlantic allows him to explain his clients the differences and intricacies of the German and U.S. legal systems.