Exits, Trade Sales and M&As as Venture Capital’s Only Road to Liquidity? GABA-Munich

Exits, Trade Sales and M&As as Venture Capital’s Only Road to Liquidity? GABA-Munich

October 13, 2016: An analysis between Germany and Silicon Valley in times of no IPOS. 

FelderbergPacific co-hosted this event with the German-American Business Association at the offices of P+P Pöllath + Partners in Munich, Germany. Guests were invited to join a panel discussion who shared their insights and experiences on exits, trade sales and merger & acquisitions in a time which currently appears to be venture capital’s only road to liquidity.


Dr. Michael Inhester, Partner, P+P Pöllath + Partners

Achim W. Hölzle, Owner, FeldbergPacific Law Group

Jörg Sperling , Managing Partner, Alpina Partners

Dr. Wolfgang Krause, Venture Partner, Seventure Partners

Dr. Heiko Frank , managing director, Kloepfel Corporate Finance GmbH


The IPO window for tech and VC funded companies is currently almost shut. VC backed companies that were ready to go public this year, or next, are realizing that an IPO may not be an option. As a result, M&A and a sale of the company remain the only avenue to liquidity for founders and investors. Not surprisingly, M&A activity is at an increased level in both Europe and the U.S.A., including cross border transactions. This panel covers industry trends in Germany and Silicon Valley from a venture, banking and legal point of view regarding economics, structures of deals, and will identify legal trends and existing common pitfalls. The panel encourages an extensive Q&A session with the audience. Any entrepreneur, advisor or investor with a perspective of a sale of a company in Germany or the U.S. will benefit from this firsthand account of expert insight.

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